Working instantly with static HTML and Javascript

Working on one client's project, I was looking for a quick and dirty way to fire up a web server and work with HTML/JS --its all static, no frills.  I won't want to have to load Visual Studio .NET 2008 and then set up the solution and importing files, etc.  Or even opening the XAMPP Control Panel and then firing up Apache, then opening up the httpdocs folder and putting files in there.  Whine, whine.  Yeah, ok, I'm lazy!

Try this for size:

Put a collection of your HTML, JS, and a bunch of PNGs/JPGs you inherited from a client into a folder on, say, your Desktop.  In this case, I called my folder 'DandD' (it's just a client's name).


Right-click over the 'DandD' folder in question, and a nifty context menu appears (in Windows that is... I don't know about other platforms)

Select "XSP 2.0 Web Server Here 1.9"






Then a console window appears:


Fire up your favorite browser and go to:


Lo and behold, see our new instant web server!   

You can get the XSP web server here: Windows | Linux | Macs