Update on Environmental Consciousness

A while back I wrote in my blog to find ways to save water, electricity, et al...

Well, after taking action on one suggestion, with a little twist. We bought oversized bowls that'll fit under our bathroom sinks so every time you wash your hands or rinse something, it'll get filled in the bowl. We use the bowl to dump it into our 1.6 gallon flush toilets and the water pressure will flush the toilets. Same with the shower, we have two buckets standing there while we wait for the hot water to come out. When those are eventually filled, we pour it in our Maytag Neptune washers.

According to the Centennial Metro District water bill, we went from 6000 gallons (2 months) down to 4000 gallons. A 33% drop in water usage! Wow! Cost savings a pithy $5, I think, due to a tiered rate thingy.