Trendy searches

Google Trends gives me an good insight of what is out there.  For example, I entered the search phrases "deaf, gallaudet, ntid"  in Google Trends and it shows me that Gallaudet has more searches than NTID, (probably due to the Deaf President Now 2) but the Rochester folks do more deaf searches than the Washington, D.C. folks.  What gives?

Here's a screenshot of the Google Trend results for your perusal - click on it and it'll show the full size.


The Rochester crowd does search "NTID" more so than "Gallaudet".  The Washington, D.C. crowd barely gives "NTID" a blip just like the rest of the country.  It's a known fact that in the USA, the largest deaf populations ranks among from the top three -- Rochester, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.  The headscratcher for me is Austin, Sacto, and Portland?!  They're in the top 5.  How can that be?

Maybe Deaf411 can make me see the light behind this data?