SyncToy - a great find!

I've always been looking for a good backup program that would fit my needs to create a backup of my computer and my wife's.  After crash and burning with manual backups [takes far too long], Windows backup [takes up too many of my DVDs], and using Subversion [it works, but has to be done manually and I cannot remember everything!].

After some searching I found, SyncToy 2.0 beta.  That moniker is not really a "toy", and the user interface is a little, well, sparse... but does the job real well.  I went out and bought a Western Digital 500GB MyBook at my local Costco.  After the initial backup of say C:\Users\Rob (yes, its Vista -- no more wordy "Documents and Settings" in XP) which was around 21GB, took almost all night the first time.

When you install the program, you would be able to schedule it at any specific time you prefer.  I had mine done in the middle of the day.  SyncToy is so efficient that it didn't bog down my Pentium D computer and this time the backup won't take all day/night.  It scans my computer for changes to the file, then only backs up the changes.  It has a command prompt telling me how much time it saved me by backing up only the changed files rather than the entire thing.  In this snapshot I took, it saved me approximately 13 hours for 21 GB!  It's all scheduled riding on top of Windows Scheduler and it does the job without pestering me or any prompts.  Beautiful....


Now I have a peace of mind regarding my valuable clients' files and pictures of the family.