My 25 days with Windows Mobile 6

[Edit: sorry its so late! It was intended for a May 2008 post]

As a Blackberry 7250 power user for the past 2 years.  I really use the data plan... no, I REALLY used it!  I started to drool at friends devices such as the 7305e and the 8830... faster downloads speeds and crisper displays.  Decided to do them one better and go after a Windows Mobile 6 device... compared the Smartphone and the SmartDevice.  Smartphones are shaped and acts like Blackberries and the SmartDevices has touch screens.  After reading one blog about the difference between the two and why Smartphones are better, I decided on a Sprint Motorola Q9c.

Boy it's a nightmare using Windows Mobile... the blasted thing kept crashing, apps moving so slowly, and very difficult to switch from one app to another.  It is not only switching applications, but you cannot copy-paste anything!  Not good.  (I hear Microsoft rectified that in WinMo 6.1)  Did find a third party application to do cut-pasting, but man, that should have been built outside of the box.  Email push? What's that in WinMo?  Non-existent just like in iPhones.

Blackberries rock!  I'm not a proud owner of the Curve 8330.  Rock-solid, small, crisp screen, unlimited data plan to go with PAM (phone as modem) so I can hook up my laptop to the cloud.  Awesome!!  And NOW RIM finally set up a program to encourage users to develop programs for it to head off Apple iPhone developer program.