iTableTop launched!

While this Windows-based release is for gamers such as card-related D&D-like and MMORPGs, it still has a place in the corporate world.  The iTableTop team will launch another product with features as offered in iTableTop, but marketed for the corporate world.  If you want to get in touch with the developer team of James and Carlos, bug them at

Some benefits of using it:

- Audio/Video meetings with many participants, with whiteboarding and screensharing capabilities on one window.

- MUCH more for your buck than WebEx and GoToMeeting/GoToAssist.

- You want simplicity, this is it.  Just signup for a login, install, and run -- and find your buddy online by their signup email and play the game you want!  Axis & Allies for me. :-)

Disclaimer: I used to work with them on this product until funding ran out and I unfortunately have monetary needs.  (If we live in a money-free Star Trek world, I'd stay!)  Very disappointed to leave this great team.