Environmental Consciousness

With all the news about the environment and trying to reduce our footprints on the world, in midst of a growing family. Yup, my wife's due in mid-February! ;-)

Some things we are doing:

  • Buying the best (or near best) fuel economy cars in it's class.

  • You know how with showers running until we get hot water out? Well, we put in a bucket in the shower stall, let it run until it gets hot, then take the bucket out and I shower coming out smelling good! (I hope) After the bucket gets semi-filled, we bring it downstairs to the laundry room and pour 1/2 (maybe 1/4 if you got a front-loading machine) and then it won't use the plumbing water.

  • Of course, never using hot water for your laundry -- soaps nowadays are so much better than our childhood.

  • Dry your laundry on a huge rack -- check some of the Amish furniture sites on the 'net for them. The Amish knows what they're talking about.

  • Recycle. Probably have to by mandate anyway.

  • Buying kids WOODEN toys... that way they can be repaired (glued, shaved, etc) and in the future morph into something else, or in event of SEVERE economic recession, burn 'em for heat. Cannot do that with plastics.

  • Live in a compact community within walking distance to your local food store and doing your best to avoid mowing lawns; condos, townhouses, and if you're lucky a house behind a plaza or something.

  • Using florescent or LED bulbs.

  • Alternatively, you could use the shower-filled bucket of water and pour it down the toilet bowl until it flushes. (hat tip to Neil McD)

Some things I WISH we could do!

  • Setting up solar panels in our condo.

  • Rerouting shower water from the sewer (except for overflow) and pipe it into a vat outside, then the vat would filter the water and use it for your toilet. We wouldn't even drink or put our hands even in a clean toilet so what's the difference?

When some more ideas comes to mind, I'll post it and perhaps add your ideas to this list.