A Blackberry tip maybe no one knows

Every time I see a friend handling his/her Blackberry, I am at awe at how unproductive people can be: going into web browser, looking up a page, close, exit application, go to mailbox, oops, forgot what that street number, open web browser, go-to web page, wait, and on and on.

try this:

Works on my 7250. It works on newer models like 8703e. Let's open any Blackberry application, perhaps a web browser, go to any page you want to.

Now, hold down the number key (blank key at bottom left) and the ESC key (the key under the scroller), then you'll see a list of running applications -- STILL holding the number key, you can use the scroller to switch between running applications and when you've highlighted to the application you want to multi-task with, let go of the number key.

I use it all the time drinking coffee while driving on the way to a client's site, switching between Google Mobile Maps and talking with my wife on Blackberry Messenger and texting my client. shudder

See me Multitasking,